A downloadable game for Android


Play through more then 40 levels in the full version of this unique physics game. Use staples, erasers, and various other tools to bridge the gap between the ball and bucket all in stunning 3D.

Play on your Android device or your good old fashioned PC. Staples and Erasers is the best way to kill time while stuck in a queue or wherever you may find yourself. The game features 42 levels across 3 unique 3D scenes.

Build impressive constructions from staples, erasers, two hole punches, and even beach balls. Using free form placement, your imagination is truly the limit.

Note. The demo version has certain features removed compared to the full version. Please support indie game developers and buy the full game at http://josholy.itch.io/staples-and-erasers

A short tutorial explaining how to play the game:

How to Play Staples & Erasers

Install instructions


After downloading, find and open the "Install.exe" file. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Staples and Erasers. Once the game is installed, a shortcut will be added to your desktop.


After downloading, find and open the "Staples and Erasers.apk" file. Copy this to your smart phone and open it through your file browser. Staples and Erasers will be installed onto your phone.


For more support please contact support@shumbasoftware.com and I'll be sure to get back to you.


Staples and Erasers Demo.apk (25 MB)
Install Staples and Erasers Demo.exe (14 MB)